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By choosing dedicated Ubuntu cloud server hosting, you get the total use of an Ubuntu server. It's an ideal solution for sites with high traffic volumes.



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Ubuntu is one of the Linux distribution that is a derivative of Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free software (Free Open Source Software). Ubuntu focuses on usability in the dysfunction availability, security and stability. Besides Ubuntu also focuses on internationalization and accessibility to be able to reach as many people. In terms of safety, the device can sudo temporarily increase the privilage to perform administrative tasks, so it can continue to root account is locked, and preventing people do not terauthorisasi making system changes or opening security flaws.

Best Features of Ubuntu

Some Ubuntu features that make it easy to use for inexperienced users are:

  1. Easy installation

    You can download a copy of the Ubuntu installation image onto a CD or pen drive and start the installation right away. You can also try the software without installing.

  2. Cloud storage

    Ubuntu includes its own cloud storage service, Ubuntu One, which makes it easy to move to the cloud – something utterly missing in Debian.

  3. Ubuntu software center

    Installing new software on Linux is like battling a honey badger in a cage – never easy and seldom safe. The Ubuntu software center makes package installation somewhat easier, giving you access to popular tools and software with zero mucking around with sudo.

  4. Media management

    Ubuntu’s media (pictures, videos, music) management is very user-friendly – almost like OS X or Windows 7. This is a clear advantage for home and casual users who want to use Ubuntu as their primary computer.

Among Linux distros, Ubuntu supports the widest variety and volume of software.Some popular software alternatives in Ubuntu are:

  1. GIMP

    GIMP is a highly capable, free alternative to Photoshop.

  2. LibreOffice

    Alternative to MS Office. Works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

  3. VLC Player

    Powerful media player that can run most media files without additional codecs.

  4. Steam

    Gaming has always been a bone of contention between Windows and Linux users. The recent addition of Steam support in Ubuntu should quell some concerns for Linux users.

  5. Chrome and Firefox

    You won’t miss much on Ubuntu when it comes to web browsers. The only major browser missing from Ubuntu is IE, although there’s little chance of anyone ruing its absence.

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  3. Service

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